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Horse Training

Karen focuses on producing championship results. She believes in developing horses with a solid foundation that addresses their physical, intellectual and emotional needs. Training programs are developed for the horse and rider taking into account the rider’s goals, stage of current training and horse/rider strength and weaknesses.

Full Training

5 days per week

Partial Training

2 days per week


Client Instruction

Karen’s approach is to provide a structure for learning the solid principles of dressage that enable a rider and their horse to develop and perform at their best.

She advances the horse and rider in a methodical and thorough manner, producing a confident pair as the result. Her goal is to train a horse and rider team to be independent and capable of performing to their greatest potential without the constant attention of an instructor. And she believes in fun!

Full Training

Rider lessons and/or training horse, 5 days per week

Partial Training

Rider lessons and/or training horse, 2 days per week


Trailer-in students are accepted on a limited basis

Show Services

Karen Lipp is available on a limited basis for coaching and schooling riders and their horses during competitions


Horse Sales & Purchases

Karen Lipp has an excellent track record of finding the right horse for the right rider. As an agent, Karen makes horse buying easy. With years of experience and establishing quality relationships throughout Holland, Denmark and Germany, she simplifies the buying process.  With the client always in mind Karen manages the entire process to ensure that the client comes out on top. Karen travels to Europe several times a year and is also available to accompany a client on a private purchasing trip. Karen has a long list of satisfied clients.

Consignment Sale Horses

Karen also accepts consignment horses, offering special training, showing and marketing designed to best present your horse to prospective buyers.

Looking for a customized training or sales plan contact Karen today!

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